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Our Members
Brian  Brian  G3UJE : Club secretary. 
Jim, G3KAF  Jim G3KAF  : Club Chairman.

Licenced in 1954 and a member of the RSGB for over 50 years. QRP and CDXC member. Spent 6 years at sea as an R/O. Keen contester since licenced, preferring CW to other modes. Obtained 40WPM certificate from the RNARS.  Founder member and currently Chairman of TTCG.  Active mainly on HF and 6m bands chasing DX and contesting.
Jim- G3VDB  Jim G3VDB

Gerry M0VAA  Gerry M0VAA : Club Treasurer.

Gerry is active from home on all HF bands from 80M to 6M (2M due soon). Main radio activity is finding and working DX.  He is keen on contesting, particularly RTTY and the 6M UKAC and 80M CC series of contests. He holds DXCC RTTY,  DXCC CW and  WAS RTTY, and has won one World Wide #1 certificate and a number of #1 G awards in CQWW RTTY contests.

He has operated in Swaziland as 3DA0VA and as SV8/M0VAA on holiday in Greece. 
Terry, G3RKF    Terry G3RKF
Terry can mostly be found on 40m thro 10m CW with regular contest participation including 6m and 80m. Doesn't keep up with the paperwork very well, so hasn't any certificates on the wall, other than for cycling proficiency. Has at long last taken to BPSK and RTTY, with rare excursions onto SSB to chase a new country. Operates regularly from NJ as W2/G3RKF where he is a member of the Cherryville W2CRA repeater club, whilst here a /P rig has started him taking to the hills. 
Other activities include rugby, fly fishing, tennis, foreign languages, history, antiques and putting some modest effort into his New Year Resolutions
Keith's picture   Keith Williams GW4OKT
CWphile, but learning to use a mic. Active mainly on HF CW contests & DXing, but aiming to improve 2m band presence.
Also a fly fisherman like G3RKF (but not as good).
M1EYP - Tom Read    Tom M1EYP
Tom is a keen Summits On The Air activator, and serves on the management team contributing to the global running of the popular amateur radio awards programme.  He has transmitted from every summit in England (completed 2012) and achieved the coveted 'Mountain Goat' trophy in 2007.

Also a keen contester and won the 2m, 70cm and 6m UK activity contest series in 2011.  Tom retained his 6m title in 2012, and has several Backpackers contest wins to his name.

Tom favours CW, but can also be found on Digital, SSB and FM from time-to-time.  He also plays bass guitar and frequently gigs in the Macclesfield area.  Visit http://tomread.co.uk  for more info.
Jimmy M0HGY    Jimmy M0HGY
Jimmy obtained his full call M0HGY after only 10 months as 2E0EYP, though held M3EYP for 7 years.

Main interest is SOTA, in which he participates as activator, chaser and SWL. Jimmy is a Mountain Goat (1000 activator points), a Shack Sloth (1000 chaser points) and has activated all the SOTA summits in England, as well as some in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Jimmy is the SOTA Association Manager for England.
M1DDD   Nick M1DDD

Nick lives in the sleepy Derbyshire Dales in the Peak District National Park. More-or-less retired now after working in the process engineering/ equipment industry, Nick enjoys both VHF (6m thru 23cms) and HF Contesting plus operating approx once a quarter as 9H3DD from Mosta in Malta. Most operating is done portable from his old trusty motorhome from one of the local high spots in N. Derbyshire, however is also known to venture further afield to IO71,91,73,74 and 75 squares. 2009 saw a major holiday activation as KP2/M1DDD from near St. Croix USVI.

Other interests include motor racing, classic/vintage cars, helping in the local village community, travelling n motor-homing with the XYL
Dave# Dave GW4ZAR
Temp pic.   Robin M7AQX  
G4BEE Logo   Ray G4BEE

First Licensed in 1970 as G8EBK while at school before knuckling down to CW acquiring G4BEE. Still following a career in IT and electronics but looking forward to the approach of retiring and gradually increasing amateur radio activity- currently having a focus on the RSGB Tuesday UKACs. HF activity is a little more sparse, needing enhancement to aerials and  maybe CW skill. Also heard as 9H3BR during trips to Malta with an FT817 and Buddipole. Outside of radio and work,  More info cn be found on Ray's website at http://www.g4bee.net

Ian has been licensed since 1996 having been a 2E1, then a G7, then finally passing Morse to become G0. Amateur radio is one of numerous hobbies he finds time for. Other passions include motorbikes (on road and off road) and Mountain Biking! An Electronics Engineer (IEng) by profession  for over 20 years and involved in Radio comms and Electronics, within industries from Aviation to Formula One Motorsport.

Check out Ian's website here: http://www.g0xbu.co.uk

Check out his live WebSDR's. There's one on Titterstone Clee Hill and one at the G0XBU home QTH near Jodrell Bank, Have a listen:

Jodrell WebSDR

Clee Hill WebSDR

Roger G0BSU Roger G0BSU (Photo kindly supplied by M0GMG)


In 2009, a partnership with Roger, M0GMG was forged in VHF contesting  following some of the RSGB Tuesday Activity Contests, Since then a moderately good collection of equipment has been assembled.for 6M, 2M and 70cms, and reasonable success gained in the AC events and in PW 2M QRP Contest. A new 6M 6-ele Loop Fed Array (LFA) Yagi is also on the construction list for portable contest operation, designs from G0KSC


Main activity at home is 10M through 70cms, with lower bands used occasionally. In 2012, Roger, dabbled with data modes, but RFI issues remain – notably causing keyboard lock up when on 10M/15M…an inconvenience in data mode!  Aims for 2013 are to improve the home antennas with beams for 10M, 6M, 2M and 70cms and to modify the loop used on lower HF bands, to cover 80M.