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  Welcome to the Tall Trees Contest Group,
and thank you for visiting our website.

  The "Tall Trees CG" is an amateur radio club situated in north eastern Cheshire. Its membership is small, but enthusiastic; active radio amateurs with a passion for contesting and DXing on HF and VHF, but with a range of other interests too.

The membership meet in the Egerton Arms in Chelford at monthly intervals, generally on the first Thursday of each calendar month.  Meetings alternate between lunchtimes and evenings, so it is advisable to check with a member or by consulting the website to ensure the date and time have been confirmed before making an unexpected visit. We also sometimes shuffle the exact day or time in order to maximise attendance.  However, you can expect to see 75 or 80% of the entire membership at most meetings!

The group was formed in 2008, and adopted its name from the splendid HF radio site belonging to Brian, G3UJE called Tall Trees Farm, some 15 miles south of the city of Manchester. It is this site that has been used for some of the group's most significant contest successes, particularly on CW, and hopefully it will retain that role for future major HF  activities.

However, it is the policy of the club to encourage every member to operate from their own QTH where this is possible, and on other sites where these can be used to advantage.  In consequence, the group is becoming increasingly encountered on VHF/UHF, particularly in the weekly Activity Contests where a number of members work doggedly from poorly situated home sites, or brave the elements to activate local high spots. And, despite the club's small membership, the Tall Trees have also made good progress in the RSGB's popular Club Championship events.

Most of the membership are also keen DXers, and readily circulate news of rare activations and favourable propagation within the group. Improving DXCC scores and skills as individual operators are key factors in making the Tall Trees a successful team. Like all clubs, although our members readily focus on team competition, we are all individuals too.  Our members engage in pretty well every aspect of our wonderful hobby that can be imagined. Whether it's HF CW, APRS on 2m, or setting up PSK31, some member or other will be engaged in it and ready to exploit or share knowledge as the case may be.  It is friendship and camaraderie that makes a good club a truly excellent one, and Tall Trees is no exception.
  Reg Stevens, G3TDH